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Master gravity and own space. Its you, your black hole, and your gross alien-spawn against an infinite onslaught of enemies.

Asterism is our exploration of a unique mechanic in the Bullet-Hell Genre. Use a blackhole, master gravity, and adapt to a fast-paced, close-range arena in our entry for the 2022 Bullethell Gamejam. 

Planned Changes:
(Thank you to everyone who gave feedback) 
Add a better background. It is confusing to move around. 
Adjust or remove self-damage. 
Tune the blackhole.
Add finer movement. Allow micro-dodges.


Music: BellKalengar (InstagramTwitter)

Sound Designer: DanielSoundsGood (InstagramTwitter)

3D Artist: Shawn Wolf (Artstation)

Programmer/Game Design: Kyper (Twitter/

Programmer: Flavedo (

Game Design: NovaDesign (TwitterLinkedin)

Development log


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Great game! the idea of the black hole and your own bullets its great.

Hi! Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it!

Amazing game

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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If anyone has any questions or feedback, please ask! I can also supply a downloadable version if anyone is interested.